Apollo Global invests in Sazka’s gambling expansion

  • May 6, 2021

Apollo Global Invests Capital for Gambling Expansion Sazka – Cooperation between companies can be a factor in the success of a business. This is also what Apollo Global and Sazka are doing. The two companies have a business cooperation. Apollo Global invests in the expansion of sazka gambling.

Apollo Global Management Approves Sazka’s 500 Billion Euros Flow of Funds

Czech gambling and lottery giant, Sazka Group, is now preparing to expand globally after getting an injection of 500 billion Euros from an American private equity group. Some time ago, announced that a fund managed by Apollo Global Management has approved an investment of 500 billion euros.

Later, the large investment that has been submitted by Apollo Global Management to Sazka will be directed to Sazka Entertainment AG, a new subsidiary that is part of the KKCG Group, a company owned by the majority owner of Sazka, Karel Komarek. Continuing this investment, Sazka Entertainment AG will become the new owner of the whole Sazka Group.

The Flow of Funds Will Be Used For Lottery Development

Azka said that the 500 billion euro injection of funds would later be used to develop business opportunities in Europe and North America. This development will be focused on the lottery game. Assuming that there are no objections from the legal party, all parties hope that this will be confirmed in the coming year.

Komarek stated that working with Apollo was a follow-up to the discussions that Sazka was having with fund managers from around the world, and now puts Sazka on a global expansion. This is a follow-up to the focus on developing lottery games and other games that also decorate Sazka’s online gambling game

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Expansion of Sazka is expected to increase income

James Kim, Deputy Head of Apollo Partner and European Co-Head in the field of Hybrid Value, expressed his appreciation for Sazka as a company with a track record of always being successful in various fields. The name Apollo itself became increasingly famous after becoming a representative in the injection of funds to Sazka with this fantastic number.

Sazka managed to survive this pandemic. Sazka earnings of 652 million Euros for 6 months, a decrease of 28.2 percent compared to last year. This is of course influenced by COVID-19, which until now has limited the space for movement and community interaction. With this injection of funds, it is hoped that Sazka can improve his performance again in the world of online gambling.

Cooperation is an important part of business development. Apollo with Sazka is a clear example that business cooperation will generate benefits for both parties.


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