Casino on Mississippi Bay Coast Suffered Severe Storm Damage

  • May 6, 2021

Casinos on the Coast of Mississippi Bay Suffer Severe Hurricane Damage – One of the important things that is quite worrying for many people is the occurrence of hurricanes that often occur in the United States. One of them is around the coast of Mississippi This place is often the scene of hurricanes. Which often destroys the surrounding area. Of course this is quite important to discuss considering this disaster is added to the current pandemic disaster. yes, it is true that the Covid 19 pandemic disaster cannot be denied to be a very bad disaster and needs to be resolved. However, it is indeed very difficult. With the addition of this storm disaster, it is certain that the losses will be very high and even harm the surrounding gambling industry.

Disasters and major disasters in missisipi harm the surrounding gambling industry

If there is one thing that until now is difficult to predict in today’s world. So one of those things is a natural disaster. Natural disasters are indeed things that will be very difficult to avoid. Although now there is a disaster tracking device. However, the device can only alert you of a danger within a few minutes of the incident. It’s just enough to save the lives of a few people. Besides that, the material loss will be obtained in a big way. One of them is the occurrence of a large tornado in the United States, precisely in the Gulf of Mississippi.

  1. Big loss

Mississippi Bay has been arguably one of the busiest areas in America. Moreover, in that area there are many casinos found. These casinos are often the busiest spots on the Mississippi Bay. with the catastrophe of the tornado that was so devastating that many buildings were destroyed. Especially also the casino in the bay. With the disaster that has occurred, it is estimated that the losses are so great. In that incident $ 48 million was lost to repair the building. In addition, the losses at Beau Rivage and Casino reached 20 million dollars. There was also a similar loss of US $ 20 million in harrah gulf and casino hotels.

  1. Worst incident
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With so many total losses, it will certainly take a long time to rebuild the place. The emergence of a tornado in Mississippi Bay is actually not the first time this has occurred. Because the place often occurs tornado winds. But seeing the damage that has occurred is certainly the tornado storm that occurred this year is the most devastating. In addition, this tornado was the 12th worst in American With these conditions, of course, casinos and other entertainment venues are still closed for the time being. However, the prediction will not take long to reopen. Only about a few weeks the closure of the place.

The only way that can be done is to try to improve things little by little. This is indeed not easy, but we can be sure that if done little by little it will be able to help repair the damage and cover the losses that have occurred. From here we can only join in praying so that disasters and losses suffered by the surrounding community can be helped. Because after all the gambling industry is an industry that is quite helpful in the economic field in the United States there. And this loss is a loss that cannot be underestimated.


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