Guide to Making Money with Soccer Gambling Sites

Guide to Making Money with Soccer Gambling Sites

  • March 13, 2022

Guide to Making Money with Soccer Gambling Sites – This guide tries to answer the most difficult question in gambling, how do I win money? Millions of us around the world make sports bets every week.

Some people do this purely for recreation and have no hope of winning money, but most are in it to win cash with this football betting site . I think apart from some daftar parlay very unlucky people mostly find that some bets win and some bets lose.

Again the majority of this group find that they lose over time and the bookies win, so why this? Well it all comes down to price. If we assume that sporting events are not fixed then all gamblers should approach the event thinking that any outcome is possible.

You should never look at a fixture and assume the result, you don’t know what will happen and neither should the Bookmaker. But Bookmaker believes he knows roughly what the probabilities are for each possible outcome.

So if Arsenal are 50% chance of beating Liverpool at home then the actual price required is 2.0. Bets have to make money so they will usually price at 10/11 or 1.909 in decimal.

So if you make 10 bets of £10 each on Saturday all around 2.0 then the probabilities show that 5 will win and 5 will lose. It’s okay if you get 2.0 because you’ll get back the £100 you started with.

However if you have taken 10/11 then you will only get back £95.45. So if you want to start making money gambling then you have to stop making decisions about what you think will happen, you have no idea! Start making it by price.

So how do you as an individual determine the true probability and price of an event? If you have a math degree from a decent university then you can try and build your own model, however this is not necessary as the work has already been done for you by slot258.


Keep your emotions under control when you play gambling

Keep your emotions under control when you play gambling

  • March 13, 2022

There is no room for emotion in football betting. Not if you are serious about succeeding. You have to make rational decisions based on sound reasoning, and that means using your head; not your heart.

There will be times when your emotions threaten situs judi bola online to get the better of you, but you have to be able to control them and stay disciplined. Emotional decisions are almost always bad decisions in a betting context.

Some Predictable Scratch Ticket Games
Mohan Srivastava, a Canadian statistician, was cleaning his desk when he came across an old joke gift from a friend scratching a ticket. Apparently, this is how statisticians play pranks on each other, because every true statistician knows that scratch tickets are worth nothing.

But after winning three bucks on one of the tickets, he wonders how he can crack the scratch ticket code, which sounds like the plot for a Dan Brown novel once he’s far from out of ideas.

“So… explain again why Michelangelo would paint a stroke pattern onto the Sistine Chapel?”

What happened to it was that scratch tickets could not be randomly generated, because that would allow the possibility of randomly generating a dozen billion dollar winners which would break the system.

And Srivastava, as a statistician corresponding to his salt, inadvertently broke the pattern on his lunch break. He turned his attention to a particular game-basically a game of tic-tac-toe.

This is what asks the player to match a series of visible numbers with the numbers under the scratchable layer. It takes quite a bit of mathematical knowledge to understand exactly what he’s doing.

Knowing the Characteristics of a Football Gambling Site that is Worth You!

Knowing the Characteristics of a Football Gambling Site that is Worth You!

  • March 13, 2022

Knowing the Characteristics of a Football Gambling Site that is Worth You! This most important aspect of online soccer gambling is how to understand the details of the sport. To find out the various types of formations and playing styles, of course having their strengths and weaknesses, this will be the backbone of your soccer betting strategy.

When complicating the playing style of each team’s game and judi bola parlay strategy, also consider these tips for playing on this free soccer betting site to help you place more bets in the winning column.

Choose a good football betting site
In today’s internet era, you can easily access online casino/betting sites for all kinds of sports and games. However it is important to choose a good site to use.

One of the main criteria is to choose a site with lots of sports books. This gives you the advantage of understanding the odds provided in different regions of the world to ensure you get the most out of betting online.

Learn different ways to bet on football
There are several different ways to bet on football. For example, you can now bet on events, their multiples, while they actually happened on the side before they started. This opens up new betting opportunities.

You should take the time to familiarize yourself with all the ways to bet, and learn about all the bets you can place, as this will increase your chances of finding a profitable place to drop your bankroll.

Also by allowing betting during live sessions, you can have the option of increasing your earnings or even reversing your losses by minimizing your losses.

Manage your money well
One of the biggest and most expensive mistakes people make is choosing not to have a proper bankroll management plan. DO NOT make this mistake yourself. If you can’t manage your bankroll properly.

And stick to a few rules about how much to bet and when, then you have very little chance of success in the long run. More people go bankrupt through poor bankroll management than through poor betting skills.

The Best and Safest Football Gambling Site

The Best and Safest Football Gambling Site

  • March 13, 2022

Best and Safest Soccer Betting Sites – Football or Association Football ( Football ) is without a doubt one of the most popular sports worldwide and while it does not enjoy mainstream popularity in , it is still widely followed and watched. This soccer gambling has as a cult, for example, it follows in Europe and Asia. But the majority of people have not been fascinated by the beautiful game.

Recommended Sports Betting Sites For Football

You can lose if you place a bet on an old online betting site, as not every site you will come across offers the best odds in the industry, and as such we judi bola terpercaya cordially invite you to checkout any of the following.

Top betting sites offering industry leading odds, fast payouts on time and of course you will be showered with free bets and cash bonuses when you sign up for one of them today.

If you wish to take advantage of any of the Soccer bonuses or Soccer free bets we have listed above, please be aware that they may change from time to time, while we update our website regularly.

It is recommended that you visit betting sites whose offer interests you to ensure that the registered bonuses or free Soccer bets are still available, and when you visit betting sites always familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of bonuses and free bets.

Football in the World

However there is a growing football fan base in , which follows international matches as well as popular leagues such as the Premier League , La Liga , Bundesliga and Serie A . Football is governed by the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) and the largest tournament is the FIFA World Cup which is held every four years.

Illegal Betting in Football

The underground betting market for football is a billion dollar industry and one that authorities are constantly looking to crack down on. Some of these illegal operators run soccer betting rackets through online websites, mobile apps, WhatsApp and other social media platforms which make a lot of money on every football match.

Soccer Betting Tips

Always check the last playing squad of both teams
Check the team’s performance over the last 5 matches
Check if they are playing at home or away
Welcome to the Guide to Football Betting, there is no shortage of Football matches to bet on but take the time to read this guide as it will show you where you will lock in and secure the best value from all your Football bets .

Top Football Betting Events

Every country in the world will of course have its own unique set of soccer leagues and soccer divisions and as such you can find plenty of betting opportunities any day of the week if you have an interest in soccer. If you wish to place a Football bet on an upcoming match, the betting sites listed below are your destination.

Football Bet Types

We have several different betting guides when it comes to betting on Football, and therefore if you are more interested in placing more specific types of bets and bets on the Football World Cup or UEFA Soccer Champions League then please take a look at our website because We have betting information and guides on these types of events and betting fixtures.

Enjoy Trusted Soccer Gambling Every Time You Log In

Enjoy Trusted Soccer Gambling Every Time You Log In

  • March 13, 2022

Enjoy Football Betting Every Time You Log In – When we hear the term casino, most of us support it by thinking of it as a false game that will bring bad luck. But is it true, not really. Something that will bring pleasure is online casino with qq poker.

A big thank you to the official partners working on energy marketing solutions. It is operated by an investment base source which is all regulated under EU member law by serving games of the week like a lucky ticket amusement park.

How to continue playing

To go through the online energy casino games, you can skip the videos by earning some points which will help you come up with some of the best tips for the game. The game is entertained with very fun graphic slots that allow for a healthy and guaranteed source of play. It is trust worthy by helping the perfect translation of points to the players. You can play this for free and get huge bonuses which add to the next level of the game.

Featuring games

This slot game offers a variety of exciting spins that are time-free. It offers with prizes and bonuses that will be multiplied by playing each game in the next potential stage. There are some numbers that you have to pass to get the bonus.

In order to make it easier for players, the strategy of the game is built in a very different way, it is a symbolic representation and various games are designed with built in perfect modes that describe the best way to move. with the casino. There are many types of online casino games that you can try to take the opportunity to switch to energy casinos and enjoy them to the fullest.

Online Gambling Agents empower card sharks to play sbowin88 and bet on gambling club entertainment via the Internet. This is a productive type of web based betting . Online gambling clubs generally offer somewhat higher odds and rates of return than offline casinos. The most important types of prizes are prizes that can be claimed without the need to deposit the player’s special cash – known as no-store prizes.

These prizes are used as procurement tools by gambling clubs who wish to attract new players. So, to find out more about these no-store giveaways, also known as no-deposit casinos, and how you can take full advantage of these early offers, read on:

Understanding the benefits of no deposit casino

The no deposit casino allows its players to have extra money without spending any amount. It will also empower them to play their preferred betting games online without having to splurge. Here are some other benefits of no deposit casino

No risk of money: There are many online gambling clubs that use this shopless clubhouse giveaway as a display system to attract more clients and meanwhile offer great benefits to the players. Furthermore, through this procedure there is no requirement for you to risk your cash as you have been given the opportunity to play the game without spending a single penny.

Despite the fact that, you lose the gambling club prize, there is no requirement for you to emphasize the fact that the cash does not come from your wallet. Thus, it is a complete win-win situation for you!

How to Play Virtual Soccer Gambling

How to Play Virtual Soccer Gambling

  • March 13, 2022

Since the matches are presented visually, you have the option to fast forward to the end of the match to check the result. This is ideally the main difference between virtual and real sports – the results.

With virtual games, you can bet on as many mainstream sports as you want in any given time without waiting for the actual event to happen.

Better yet, there will always be plenty of events situs bandar bola no 1 across the sports spectrum to bet on and is the reason why virtual sports betting has gained so much popularity.

Virtual football is one of the most popular virtual games and is a good place to start for beginners because it is easy to learn. Not only does football have a strong fan base but the stakes are easy to understand. Some of the available bets include halftime, full time, handicaps and total goals.

The video footage of the game comes with stunning live backgrounds and is delivered in amazing graphics to enhance the feeling of reality. Matches last only a few minutes and also feature professional commentary.

The most obvious difference between the visuals of virtual and real soccer is that they live in real sports and are simulated in virtual sports. The simulation includes visuals that model real-life stadiums with faster and shorter events than those in real sports betting. Enhancing the immersive experience are commentary and highlight reels that make virtual sports feel like real events.

Guide to Playing Football soccer online gambling betting

Guide to Playing Football soccer online gambling betting

  • March 13, 2022

Guide to Playing Soccer Betting – Virtual sports, which are a major component of virtual sports betting, are video games played by computer software to simulate sporting events, races or contests. The algorithm determines the outcome and you don’t need to have any real skills to participate.

So what is virtual sports betting? Virtual soccer betting is situs bola resmi the process of betting on virtual games provided by bookmakers. Since the random number generator determines the outcome, the result cannot be affected in any way.

Thus, all players see the same schedule and results and choose the winner in an unbiased manner. Games are available and can be played any time of day. Bettors can bet on the outcome of the match while analyzing the history the players provide as well as the odds.

Although there has been an increase in the popularity of virtual laser tag games, in this article, we will cover the dominant virtual sports such as Soccer, Horse Racing, Tennis, Basketball, Speedway, and Greyhound Racing among others.

Betting on virtual sports is very similar to betting on real sports in that you are given a simulation of a real match, and the use of a random number generator means that with each competition, the simulation of the game produces unpredictable results.

Thus, similar to real sports matches, no one knows the outcome of virtual events. Moreover, every match offered by the airport must be approved by an independent/relevant online regulator to ensure that the betting site does not alter the odds to work in their favor.

The concepts behind how virtual sports work are very easy to understand. Let’s take the example of a virtual football match. Here, you will be provided with match lists, simulated league tables, as well as various traditional markets. You can bet on the winner of the match as well as other bets like correct score, double chance and over or under 2.5 goals.

Liverpool remained stable when competitors such as Man City

Liverpool remained stable when competitors such as Man City

  • March 13, 2022

Apart from having a significant point advantage, Liverpool are very consistent in the Premier League.
Before losing to Watford 0-3 on 29 February, Liverpool won 27 wins and one draw in the English league.

Liverpool remained stable when competitors such as Man City and the dark parlay bola horse team, Leicester City often stumbled in easy matches.
This season, Man City have lost seven times and Brendan Rodgers’ Leicester have recorded eight defeats.

Meanwhile, Liverpool’s performance is relatively stable. Unlike previous years, Liverpool are superior when it comes to teams they can beat on paper.

So far, Liverpool have wiped out all of their home games with a win.
In away games, Liverpool have only been unable to get full points twice.

That happened when Manchester United drew 1-1 at Old Trafford and lost 0-3 to Watford which made their 44-game unbeaten run in the Premier League stop.

Liverpool this season is also still able to achieve positive results despite often having problems with injuries to players.
At the start of the season, Divock Origi and Naby Keita were already injured and out for three weeks.

After the squad was complete, it was Alisson Becker’s turn to be out for two months for the same reason. Alisson’s absence proved not to affect the team’s performance because Adrian appeared quite slick in goal.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Xherdan Shaqiri have also been on the injury list, although they have been sidelined for only a short time.

There is also what Liverpool experienced was an injury to Fabinho for almost two months and Joel Matip for three months.
Fabinho’s injury was a blessing for Chamberlain, who was able to return to his best.

While the position left by Matip can be replaced properly by Joe Gomez, who was also hit by injury.
Liverpool’s defense remains strong with the duo of Gomez and Virgil van Dijk in the defensive area.
This year, Liverpool have only conceded 21 goals or the fewest compared to other teams.

These are some of the reasons that make Liverpool very, very worthy to be made champions this season by the Premier League even though now the corona virus has made the English League suspended in the middle of the season.

Liverpool need just six points to end their thirst for the Premier League title

Liverpool need just six points to end their thirst for the Premier League title

  • March 13, 2022

The Premier League has not provided a detailed explanation of the team that has the right to become champion. This is coupled with the absence of regulations to determine the title if the Premier League is canceled due to current circumstances.

The latest news reported by the Telegraph, Liverpool agen sbobet terbaik will most likely be crowned champions if the Premier League has to end prematurely.
Nineteen Premier League clubs are said to have no objections if Jurgen Klopp’s men are given the title.

In the Premier League standings, Liverpool is firmly at the top with 82 points.
The Reds are up to 25 points ahead of Manchester City who occupy second place.

Liverpool need just six points to end their thirst for the Premier League title, which they last won 30 years ago.
If the competition is not postponed due to the corona virus, Mohamed Salah et al can win at Crystal Palace, on March 21.

The point advantage that is very far over Man City is one of the reasons Liverpool deserve to be the best in the Premier League this season. In fact, among the teams that have featured in Europe’s top five leagues, none are as great as Liverpool.

In Serie A, Juventus, which has been more dominant in the last eight years, is only one point ahead of Lazio.
Likewise in the Spanish League, Real Madrid is only two points adrift of rivals Barcelona who are perched at the top of the standings.

Bayern Munich is instead involved in fierce competition with Borussia Dortmund, RB Leipzig, and Borussia Monchengladbach to win the Bundesliga title.
Meanwhile, Ligue 1 leaders PSG are only 12 points ahead of Marseille.

The Premier League has been suspended, does Liverpool deserve to be champions

The Premier League has been suspended, does Liverpool deserve to be champions

  • March 13, 2022

Premier League has been temporarily postponed following a number of players and coaches who tested positive for the coronavirus. This delay makes Liverpool have to be hopeful about the certainty of winning the Premier League.

In this unforeseen event, we are working closely with league clubs, government, FA and EFL, ensuring that the health of players, staff and supporters is our top priority,” said Premier League Chief Executive Richard Masters.

In a meeting of the Premier League and shareholders it sbobet bola was agreed that the Premier League was postponed until April 3. The Premier League is closed for two weeks, although it is possible that the highest caste competition in England will end sooner.

This is due to the massive spread of the corona virus in Queen Elizabeth’s country. Referring to WHO data, there were 594 cases and eight people died due to the corona outbreak as of Saturday (13/3) afternoon local time.

The Premier League has been suspended, the pulse of the Premier League has stopped. Questions also arise regarding the fate of the Premier League this season, not least the team that lifted the trophy at the end of the season, although it is undeniable that Liverpool really deserves to be crowned champion.

Free and Accurate Mix Parlay Tips

Free and Accurate Mix Parlay Tips

  • February 25, 2022

Free and Accurate Mix Parlay Tips , Strategies & Parlay Leaks and Tricks How to Predict Tonight’s Ball Parlay Accurately & Accurately so that you win a lot will be explained in this article on the situs judi sbobet guide blog this time.

Free and Accurate Mix Parlay Tips
Free and Accurate Mix Parlay Tips are much sought after by online soccer bettors, especially those who are active in playing Mix Parlay soccer gambling. Mix Parlay tips are much sought after by bettors because Mix Parlay is considered a type of online soccer gambling bet that promises the potential for multiple wins with very small capital.

Mix Parlay is a type of online ball gambling game that combines 3 types of bets in 1 Double Bet Package. In the Mix Parlay game, of all the bets you place in the package, no one should lose in full as it will cause your Mix Parlay Package to lose overall.

For those of you who don’t have an account (User ID) to play mix parlay betting, we recommend that you first create a Mix Parlay Account by registering on the recommended best and most trusted mix parlay soccer betting agent site in Indonesia, namely.

Why Do Many Bettors Like to Look for Parlay Tips?

Why Do Many Bettors Like to Look for Parlay Tips?

  • February 25, 2022

Because Mix Parlay is the only type of soccer betting bet that promises a potential win of up to hundreds of millions of rupiah with only tens of thousands of rupiah in capital. Even on certain sites, you can already place a Mix Parlay bet bandar bola resmi with a minimum bet of IDR 5,000 only.

The more bets you put in the Mix Parlay package, the greater the total odds formed. This also means that the greater the potential profit you can get if you win the bet. But keep in mind, this also increases the level of difficulty for yourself to win because even 1 defeat will scorch your Mix Parlay Package.

Free Mix Parlay Translucent Tips
Therefore, many Mix Parlay players are now looking for Free and Accurate Mix Parlay Tips that can help them win.

There are even those who are willing to pay a lot to get Parlay Tips which are considered accurate. Despite the fact that many bettors end up disappointed because the tips that have been paid handsomely turn out to be inaccurate.

If you are looking for tips in the form of match choices that are considered accurate, then you are wrong. Tips like that will not be accurate because predicting the final result of the match is not an easy thing.

Instead, we will share some Mix Parlay Tips that will help you analyze which bets are suitable to be included in the Mix Parlay Package.

Here are some Free and Accurate Mix Parlay Tips that you can practice to help you win playing Mix Parlay

Here are some Free and Accurate Mix Parlay Tips that you can practice to help you win playing Mix Parlay

  • February 25, 2022

Choose Maximum 2 Parties From A League
The first Free Mix Parlay tip is to choose a maximum of 2 parties from a league in a match on the same day. For example, on Saturday there are 7 Premier League matches. You only need a maximum of 2 matches to be included in your Mix Parlay Package.

Don’t enter too many matches from a competition on the same day. This is because there tend daftar bola888 to be surprises that can occur in several matches from 1 competition on the same day. So just pick 2 matches that you are most sure you can win.

Don’t Get Stuck in the Odds Value
The next Free Mix Parlay tip is never to be provoked by the size of the odds issued by the bookie. The team with small odds is of course the team that has the advantage to win. This thinking is not wrong, but also not 100% correct.

If the team with the small odds turns out to be not performing well, you should not place a bet on the match.

Combine Your Bet Types
This is one of the Mix Parlay formulas that you can apply to increase your win ratio in playing Mix Parlay soccer gambling. For example, if you are good at playing Handicap/Voor, don’t include all Handicap bets in your Mix Parlay package.

Combine your Mix Parlay bets by entering other types of bets into the Mix Parlay Package. Enter other bets such as Over Under, 1×2 and others into your Mix Parlay package.

Play in the Worms League
This Mix Parlay strategy is often overlooked by many bettors but is actually very effective. So far, many bettors prefer to play in the big leagues. When in fact your chances of winning bets in the (small) worm league are much greater.

The reason is, of course, because the quality gap between strong teams and weak teams in the Worm League is wider. This will make it easier for you to guess the outcome of the game there. Unlike in the big leagues where the competition is much tougher so there are often surprises.

Register for Mix Parlay Soccer Gambling at SBOBET

Register for Mix Parlay Soccer Gambling at SBOBET

  • February 25, 2022

This Parlay Break method is the most accurate way that almost ensures you always win in every Mix Parlay bet you play. So, pay close attention. To ensure your victory in playing Mix Parlay, put more 1×2 bets into the Mix Parlay Package.

Our Golden Advice, choose 4-5 bets from the worm league involving strong teams with weak teams. After that, enter all the bets that you have selected into your Mix Parlay package daftar agen bola. Place your bet on the Mix Parlay package where the Mix Parlay Package has a very big chance for you to win.

Those are some Leaks of Free and Accurate Mix Parlay Tips and Tricks that we have unpacked for you. Please pay attention and practice to lock your winnings in playing Mix Parlay.

To play Mix Parlay soccer gambling, join SBOBET which is the Best and Trusted Mix Parlay Soccer Gambling Agent Site in Indonesia. You will be served by beautiful, friendly and fast customer service who are always ready to help with the registration process, super fast deposit and withdrawal processes.

The minimum bet for all types of online soccer betting at SBOBET is only IDR 10,000. This is the cheapest if you compare other soccer gambling agent sites.

Amazingly, by creating 1 (one) SBOBET Account , you can not only play Mix Parlay soccer gambling, but all the online gambling games in it. As for other online gambling games on the Factory4D website such as Live Casino, Togel, Online Poker, Slot Games, Keno 5 Ball and Bola Tangkas.

Sneaky Ways to Win Mix Parlay Soccer Gambling

Sneaky Ways to Win Mix Parlay Soccer Gambling

  • February 25, 2022

Sneaky Ways to Win Mix Parlay Soccer Gambling
In playing online soccer gambling, of course you are familiar with various terms of online soccer betting betting. The most widely played soccer betting bets are Handicap, 1×2, Over Under, Mix Parlay, Odds/Even, Correct Score etc. Each type of bet has its own advantages.

But of the many bets above, situs parlay is one of the favorite types of bets for online bettors around the world, including Indonesia.

Mix Parlay has many fans because it is the only type of online soccer betting bet that provides a very large chance of winning with a very small minimum bet. The minimum bet mix parlay itself is usually in the range of 10-13 thousand. But with such a small minimum bet, you have the potential to win up to hundreds of millions of rupiah.

From the example above, it can be seen how one lucky bettor managed to win 123 million with only 500 thousand capital . Many bettors have proven that winning in the Mix Parlay game is not impossible. Although it requires luck too, but actually there is a Sly Way to Win Mix Parlay that you must master as the main condition.

How to Register on a Trusted Mix Parlay Gambling Site

How to Register on a Trusted Mix Parlay Gambling Site

  • February 25, 2022

To play Mix Parlay soccer betting, you must of course have a soccer betting account. Therefore, you must first register on a trusted Mix Parlay Betting Site so that you do not experience a loss if you succeed in winning your Mix parlay bet.

To choose a trusted Mix Parlay Soccer Gambling Agent site is not an easy matter because currently there are still many Mix Parlay Gambling Sites that are irresponsible and tend to harm their members.

Therefore, we have prepared the bursa taruhan bola best recommendations for you to play Mix Parlay soccer betting only on the Trusted and Best Indonesian Mix Parlay Betting Agent Site, with the official website.

Playing Mix Parlay Betting at is safer and more comfortable
has been proven to always pay members’ winnings regardless of the winning numbers without further ado. In addition, Factory4D also provides friendly customer service and fast response for a full 24 hours.

By having 1 account at you can not only play Mix Parlay soccer gambling, but also all the online gambling games available in it such as Live Casino, Togel, Online Poker, Slot Games etc.

How to register for a Mix Parlay at is very easy. You only need to have a BCA, Mandiri, BNI, BRI or Danamon bank account to register at . Also prepare an active Email & No. HP.

The Best and Trusted Mix Parlay Football Betting Site

The Best and Trusted Mix Parlay Football Betting Site

  • February 25, 2022

f you meet the requirements above, please register directly at the Best and Most Trusted Soccer Betting Site

After you register at, please first learn How to Calculate Mix Parlay in our previous article. After you understand the calculation procedure for the Mix Parlay Formula , we will share information on how to break into the Mix Parlay so that you can win big in the Mix Parlay.

Here, we share tips for mixing parlays for free, which can be the perfect way to penetrate parlays . As for some of the tips situs judi bola online that we will share, these seem cunning but can bring you victory in playing Mix Parlay.

Here are some sneaky ways to win Mix Parlay Soccer Gambling:
Research on the Quality of Competing Teams
Before placing a Mix Parlay bet, make sure you have done your research first on the quality of the competing teams. There are several things that you must research as follows:

Strength map between 2 competing teams.
Last 5 matches of each team.
Head to head meeting record between the two teams.
Update on player injuries & card accumulation that befell both teams.
Home & Away status of both competing teams.

Don't Be Fooled by Small Odds at soccer gambling

Don’t Be Fooled by Small Odds at soccer gambling

  • February 25, 2022

For those of you who have studied How to Read Football Odds, of course you already understand that the smaller the odds, the greater the chance for the team to win the match. This is not wrong, but also not completely true. Don’t just rely on small odds and then immediately place your bet.

Back again to the previous point where you have to look again at the map of the last strength of the two teams. If the team with the small odds turns out to be inconclusive in the last few matches, you should not include it in the Mix Parlay package.

This is because 1 loss will make your Mix Parlay Package lose in its entirety. So you have to be very careful and only put bets that you are sure will win in the package.

Betting on the Featured Team
This trick is very important especially for beginners. Don’t be tempted by the number of odds that come out, then you enter 10 packages or more into your judi bola indonesia Mix Parlay package. It is true that if you win, you can win up to hundreds of millions. But make sure you put in a lot of bets because you are sure the bets in them will definitely win. Not because he was tempted by the odds value formed from the many bets in it.

For those of you who are still beginners, we suggest you just enter 3-5 bets first and choose a team with odds 1.2 – 1.5 . Why? Because odds like that usually have a very big chance of winning because they are a very seeded team. Here we provide a simulation of the calculation:

Suppose you enter 5 bets into the Mix Parlay Package with the following odds:

1.2 x 1.4 x 1.5 x 1.4 x 1.3 = 4.58

Suppose you bet 100 thousand , then your total net win = (4.58 – 1) x 100 thousand = Rp 358.000,-

This is the technique we recommend the most because it has a very large chance of winning. Just repeat the pattern above and you will continue to win in the Mix parlay game that you played earlier.

For this time, we have conveyed about the Sneaky Way to Win Mix Parlay Soccer Gambling . Please practice the tips that we have shared and good luck.


How to Play and Calculate Mix Parlay Soccer Gambling

How to Play and Calculate Mix Parlay Soccer Gambling

  • February 25, 2022

How to Play and Calculate Mix Parlay Soccer Gambling
Mix Parlay is one of the most popular online soccer betting bets by bettors around the world, including Indonesia. One of the factors why Mix Parlay is the prima donna for online agen bola resmi  soccer betting because here bettors have the opportunity to win big with very small betting capital.

Below we attach one proof:

Through the example above, it can be seen how a lucky bettor managed to win 123 million with a capital of only 500 thousand . In addition to the examples above, many bettors have also managed to reap a lot of benefits when playing Mix Parlay.

This proves that winning in the Mix Parlay bet is not impossible as long as you know how to play the right mix parlay.

The Formula for How to Play and Calculate Mix Parlay Soccer Gambling
Here we share the Mix Parlay formula that you must master before playing Mix Parlay:

The number of Mix Parlay multiplication Odds formed must be reduced by 1. This aims to calculate the net win/loss number.
If there is a bet that ends in a draw, then the odds calculated are the odds of the winning team only.
If one of the bets wins 1/2, then the odds of the match must be reduced by 1 before dividing by 2 and adding 1.
If there is one bet that loses 1/2, then the odds that are calculated are only the winning team and then divided by 2.
If there is only 1 bet that is completely lost, then the Mix Parlay Package is declared completely lost.

Guide to How to Play and Calculate Mix Parlay Soccer Gambling

Guide to How to Play and Calculate Mix Parlay Soccer Gambling

  • February 25, 2022

The results of a survey conducted by one of the trusted soccer gambling sites show that only 30% of bettors really understand how to play and calculate mix parlay soccer situs bola terbaik gambling correctly.

There are still many bettors who only know that the Mix Parlay game promises big profits but doesn’t understand how to calculate the correct mix parlay.

As a result, many misunderstandings arise between bettors and Mix Parlay Gambling Sites because bettors feel cheated when they suffer defeat. Even though most cases that occur are more because bettors do not understand the correct Mix Parlay calculation.

How to calculate the correct Mix Parlay:
To provide a solution to the problems above, here we share how to play and calculate the correct mix parlay :

How to calculate Mix Parlay if you win in full – From the example above, suppose you bet 20 thousand , then your total win: (1.77 x 1.93 x 2.11 x 1.80 x 1.98 x 2.06) = 52,919 – 1 = 51,919 x capital 20 thousand = Rp. 1,038,000 ,-