Guide And Tips For Playing Blackjack For Beginners

Guide And Tips For Playing Blackjack For Beginners

  • April 15, 2021

Casino gambling has long been a trusted online gambling site. As we recognize, this blackjack online casino gambling game is a game that uses playing cards. The number of blackjack players makes it one of the sports online casino blackjack gambling in the world. This game has helped many online blackjack casino gambling experts who specialize in online blackjack. Here we will discuss the tricks to play blackjack for those of you who don’t understand this game.

Learn Blackjack on Trusted Online Gambling Sites

Playing a black jacket in the form of playing cards has no special value or special value. Everything that matches a blackjack card has the same and the same value. This game also does not use the joker card that is often found on playing cards. The rules of this game for online blackjack casino gambling directly on a computer PC have a number of alloys and values ​​as follows:

  • A (as) = ​​has a value of 1 or 11, regarding whether the number of cards has or may not exceed 21.
  • 10, J, Q, K = 10, card number 10 is worth below the picture card / J, Q, K.
  • The cards are given numbers 2 to 9 = to represent the overall value according to the number on the card.

The optimal card values ​​are J, Q, and K. This blackjack online casino gambling game contains a special icon on card A (a). Where A (as) has 2 ratings, which is 1 or 11. Card A (as) will be worth 11 if the number of cards received does not exceed 21. The top number of cards in the black jacket, namely 2 (two) alloy 1 cards divided into one A card (ace) plus one card worth 10 such as 10, J, Q, K is said to be a black jacket or cost 21 overall.

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Study of Blackjack’s Most Trusted Online Gambling Sites

The online blackjack casino gambling game starts immediately after a loved one sits at the table and places a bet. The cards are given in the order of 1 card which the merchant closes without knowing who it is. All players and traders will be treated with 2 cards. The player card slot is open and the merchant covers a sheet of paper. Transfers start on the left / right side of the merchant / trader.

If touched on different matters, it could become an election

  • Call (add card)

asked if you do not accept a combination of black jackets or 1 A (card) with 1 card J, Q, K, or 10.
Stand up = we do not want to add most cards.

Doubles (add stake)

We increase the stake (x2) by adding only 1 card.

  • For (shared)

This is a situation where we get 2 twin cards from the first deal. If we determine the split, the bet will automatically increase because we do 2 different places.

  • Insurance (insurance)

When the booklet card looks like it has a chance that our black jacket will be asked about our willingness to insure our card, where if our card is lost we only face a 50% loss on the table of the number of bets on the insurance price so 5% of the table stake.

Conditions for Winning Casino Online Blackjack 21

The game is won by the player if the number of player cards has more value than the dealer’s card. the issuer is ensured a tie if the overall value of the card is the same as the merchant. The biggest card is a combination of 2 cards with a value of 21. Combined 1 card (Ace) and 1 card 10 or J, Q, K. or it is said to be “blackjack”, the smaller the card we get to the number 21 is better than our good card. The situation with the blackjack alloy is the same that we recently described.


The total value of our cards and merchants do not exceed the 21 limit. If the total value of our cards exceeds 21 it is clear we mean or we are really not successful / lose. if the area added to the card has reached the maximum number available. So the overall cost of all these cards is the price of our last card. If we get a black jacket (card A + J / Q / K), then our bet will be given 2x the price of the bet on the table. The dealer gets the last place to deal additional cards after all the players have ended their time.


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