Hot Chili Online Slot Game Reviews

  • March 2, 2022

Back again with us online slot gambling lovers , this article will discuss about the slot game that you should not miss, namely Hot Chilli.

The dishes from the Asian continent that you can cook in the Hot Chilli Slot game will reward you with winnings 5,000 times your bet. All you have to do here is find the most delicious and spicy setting!
After turning on the light in the kitchen and you are wearing a white apron and a chef’s hat, you become an Asian chef and today you have to prepare the famous Fish and Tomato Soup.

Hot Chilli slots make you feel like you’re in an Asian kitchen where you prepare an easy-to-cook winning soup with ingredients like a tablespoon of high volatility, two cups of up to 888.89x winning odds and 9 new paylines. The most delicious soup but gives the biggest win.

How to Play Hot Chili Online Slots

Hot Chili is an exciting online slot game situs judi online with a 3×3 formation and nine paylines that pays out up to 888.89 times the value of your bet. This game has a high level of volatility and an RTP of 96.52 percent. It should please you all.

The symbols that complete the game include:

– Salmon will pay 11x for 3 on the payline
– Reel ham will pay 8.3x for 3 on the payline
– 3 tomatoes will pay 3.3x for 3 on the payline
– 2 tomatoes will pay 2.2x for 3 on the payline
– 1 tomato will pay 1.1x for 3 on payline
– 3 prawns will pay out 11.11x for 3 on payline
– 3 cubes of soybeans will pay 1.1x for 3 on payline
– 3 mushrooms will pay 2.2x the stake
– 3 pieces of meat will pay 3.3x the stake
– 3 corns will pay out 1.1x the stake
– 3 corn, mushrooms and chops will pay 0.5x the stake
– any tomato combination will pay 0.5x the stake
– 3 rolls of ham and shrimp will pay you 5.5x the stake


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