How to Join the IDN Poker Agent?

  • May 6, 2021

How to Join the IDN Poker Agent? – For online casino game players, of course they are no stranger to online poker games. This game is similar to the offline version where players will be given several cards by the dealer. Later, players can reduce or even add cards according to the game strategy they have.

The main objective is to create the highest possible combination set. So, the player with the highest card combination will be declared the winner. To be able to join the online poker game, players must register and become members of an online poker agent Player membership is calculated by the existence of an active account played by the player. Without an active account, the player is not eligible to play.

The first thing a player has to do is choose the best online poker agent. One of them is the IDN Poker Agent. This online poker agent is an official agent that Indonesian players can play. However, the increasing interest of players to play online poker games has made many fake IDN Poker agents appear. Therefore, players must be more selective in choosing a trusted IDN poker agent.

After determining a trusted IDN Poker agent, players can start creating an official account by visiting the main page of the IDN Poker agent. On that page, there is a List menu that players can click on. If the player chooses the Register menu, the player will be taken to a new page containing a registration form to play at IDN Poker. The form contains some player data such as username, password, player name, identity card number, email, cellphone number, and player bank account.

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In order for the account filling process to run smoothly, there are a few tips that players can do. One of them is to use a cellphone number that is still active. This cellphone number is used for the verification process at a later stage. Apart from that, the email used by the player must also be active. This is related to the account recovery process if at any time the player’s account has problems. Players are also advised to use personal bank accounts so that the deposit and withdrawal process can be done safely and quickly.

If the player has filled in all the data on the IDN Poker Agent form, the player can send the form through the available The next process is verification where IDN Poker will verify the data that has been sent by the player. This verification process is fast in less than 5 minutes. If all data is valid, then the player will be given a PIN to log in to the account for the first time. If successful login to the account created, players can send deposit money and join IDN Poker.


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