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  • May 6, 2021

IDN Poker Online Game Menu – Idn poker online is an official server game service provider. With these modern servers, gamblers who bet can win. In games that are carried out online the bettor must have knowledge of the various menus in it. These menus are a reference for stepping when the game is played. In the game screen, there are several types of menus that must be considered. Each menu has own role so that gamblers who use it can get the most appropriate steps and profits. The following is the card game provided by the current site IDN Poker Online :

  1. Call
    Menu to move forward and enter to play is a call. The menu is used to place bets the first time the player will play. Call is used when the player wants to join. Call will automatically deduct the player’s deposit according to the number of conditions they have Calls usually use the same amount of money for all players.
  2. Raise
    The second is the menu to increase the stake. The menu is raise. If players want to add money in the bets they make, this menu is the solution. On the screen there will be a line of measuring funds that can be used to start betting. This measuring line determines the amount of money you want to add. Use it according to your ability so that the funds you have don’t just decrease. The higher the line is drawn, the greater the amount of money spent on the game.
  3. All in
    The third is all in. This menu is almost the same as the raise menu where gamblers increase their stake. What makes the difference between the raise and all in is the amount sent. If it’s all in, all the money that the bettor has in the deposit will be used for one bet. This menu is quite risky if the player doesn’t predict the correctly. Players will lose a large amount if they make a wrong decision.
  4. Check
    To see the cards owned by the gambler dealer must use a special menu, namely check. This menu is for players who join or follow the steps in the next step. For those who do not follow and choose to withdraw, they do not need to use the check.
  5. Fold
    Idn online poker also provides a fold or reverse menu in the game. Bettors who resign does not mean they admit defeat but because they do not want to increase their losses. Each opportunity can be a boomerang or an advantage depending on how the player responds and makes decisions. Fold is the menu most often used by gamblers when they feel uncomfortable when competing. With a small chance gamers can go home so that the results obtained are far more profitable.
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