Online Slot Terms You Should Know!!

  • March 2, 2022

The term online slot is a type of gambling game that relies heavily on luck and strategy. Kraena, that’s a lot of people today who want to play this one game. Also this game is very well known until now online slot gambling lovers have entered Indonesia itself.

Many people play online slot gambling because apart from being easy to understand, online slot gambling games themselves do not need to have special thoughts to play them. therefore the online slot gambling game itself can be played for all circles, even including children and women. And the funds needed are not large, only 10,000 is enough for us to be able to play this game.

The right time to play this online judi slot online actually doesn’t exist, because we can play this game anytime and anywhere. Because this game does not take much time and is completely empty to play and we can play at work, when we gather with family or friends and all the places where we are as long as we still have the network.

However, because there are still many (new) amateur players who still don’t understand the terms in online slots, here I deliberately made an article to explain some of the terms that exist in online slots. maybe some of us still don’t know what it means. here’s the explanation.

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Various online slot terms and their explanations.

  • Bet

Bet is a bet that we place when we play. For example, when we play dice we guess the number that will come out is 5, and we have to bet on the number 5.

  • Bet features

Feature Bet is a bet where each result will be doubled. For example, if we win, our wins will be doubled, whereas if we lose, our losses will also be doubled. therefore nowadays it is rare for people to play this way because it is very risky.

  • Betting Units

Betting Units is a way for players to exchange items/units into chips or coins or can also be used as pawns where the number of items/units will be determined by the slot machine itself. so it can be said that something like this is tantamount to pawning goods.

  • Bet Maximal

The Maximum Bet is the largest allowed bet of the game itself. For example, if the game table is told that the maximum bet amount is 50,000, then we cannot place the 50,000 bet that has been determined in the game.

  • Bet Minimal

The Minimum Bet is the opposite of the maximum bet, i.e. the smallest bet allowed to place a bet according to the bet allowed by the game. For example, if the game contains a minimum bet of 2,000, the player cannot place a bet less than 2,000 because the minimum bet allowed is only 2,000 rupiah.

Here is my explanation of the terms in online slot gambling games . hopefully add to our knowledge about the game I thank you.


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