Simple Technique Beat Bandar Ceme Ager Site Always Win

  • May 6, 2021

Simple Techniques to Beat Ceme Ager Bandar Sites to Win Always – In this article we will provide a review of how to beat Ceme Ager bookie sites to win always. For those of you who like online ceme bookie sites, it is advisable to read all the explanations that will be given in this article. For information, the online ceme dealer site is one type of game that uses 28 dominoes as the median. The way to play is also very easy to understand even if it’s a beginner

If a member has tried the dominoqq, of course, they will be quicker to master the techniques or how to play online ceme dealer sites. In the online ceme dealer game there are a maximum of 7 players and 1 person acting as a dealer. The game can only be done if there is 1 player willing to become a dealer.

Strengths And Weaknesses Of Being A Bettor And A Bookie

Before proceeding with a review of the technique to beat the ceme dealer site, it is advisable to understand in advance the advantages and disadvantages Of course, if you become an ordinary bettor or dealer in the online ceme dealer game, include the following:

Advantages of Being a Player

  • You and the six other 6 bettors will face 1 game dealer.
  • When you become an ordinary player, you don’t need a lot of capital.
  • If you get a card worth 9 or kiu, of course the dealer must pay double the bet placed at the beginning of the game.

Disadvantages of Being a Player

  • If the value of the bookie and the bettor card is the same, then the bettor is considered a loser.
  • In order to beat the dealer, the bettor must have a card value higher than the dealer.
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Advantages of Being a Bandar

  • If the value of two dealer cards is the same as the bettor’s, then the dealer is declared to have won the game because he has absolute rights.
  • If the dealer wins, all bettor bets are confirmed to be taken by the dealer.
  • Even if the dealer against 7 bettor, does not mean that he will lose. The reason is that it is impossible for all bettor cards to have high card values.

Disadvantages of Being a Bandar

  • In order to become a dealer, players must have a lot of capital and be mentally strong.
  • The dealer must fight 7 bettors simultaneously. If you lose, the dealer pays all of the bettor’s winnings according to what was previously paired.

After you understand all the advantages and disadvantages of becoming a bettor or dealer. Next will be explained about the technique to beat the dealer Ceme, hopefully it can help you beat the dealer when you become a bettor.

Strategy to Beat Bandar Ceme Online

In order to beat the bookie, players must pay attention to the bookie hockey on the game table. If the bettor has good hockey, maybe he will only win 3 or 4 times without exception to the dealer. The online ceme dealer site is one variation of the game that relies on hockey. So, it doesn’t mean that being a bookie always wins.

  1. Bandar Victory Analysis

Before you bet, it is advisable to first analyze how many times the dealer has won when playing.

  • Watch Hockey

Not only that, always pay attention to the hockey you have. It is advisable not to place big bets if you are still in doubt about the card combination you have The reason is, it will only provide benefits to the dealer.

  • Choose the Right Gaming Table
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As a bettor is more careful and precise in choosing a game table. It is advisable to always move around the game table in order to get hockey and the chance to beat the dealer.

The technique of playing to beat the ceme online dealer in order to win is always summarized specifically for those of you who feel unhappy or often suffer defeat. If you already understand all the reviews, it is hoped that you can get a win according to the target ..

That is the technique of beating online ceme dealers that can be given. In order for the technique that has been given to run smoothly, for that you must understand how to play the ceme dealer site online. The reason is, it is impossible to play if you have not mastered how to play ceme dealer sites.


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