Tips to Win Domino Online at DewiFortunaQQ

  • May 5, 2021

Domino Online gamesare familiar to online gamblers today. Here I will discuss tips for playing domino online, but before that I will recommend a trusted domino site, namely DewiFortunaQQ. This site has the highest rating at this time and is popular with many gambling players with attractive bonuses and definite payments.

Tips to Win Domino Online at DewiFortunaQQ

Here are some tips and tricks for winning things in cue cue games:

Have Sufficient Capital

If you are the bluff type, make sure you have sufficient capital. Capital is almost the same as the ability to intimidate more. Even if your hand is bad, you still have a chance to bluff the bet so that your opponent gets scared and bent. However, the possibility of losing is always present because not all players are able to penetrate.

Second, if you are not a risk taker, you will still need sufficient capital in tokens to enter the table. If your card is bad or you don’t know which card you have, please FOLD. In this case, you will only be charged for the blind size of your choice. But once you’ve got a good card, feel free to call or add. Some types of players place more than the following bets, so they exhaust the table size, but if they win, they will receive several times the amount spent.
Please choose what type of player you are?


Apart from Capital, you also need good instincts to win the game. Learn about the possible cards you have. If you get the marker (9) when you deal the starting 3 cards, move on. If indeed the “gam” card is good, for example you have 9-0, 9-1, 9-2, 9-3, you can increase your bet (RAISE), but if the card you receive is a combination of ‘cue cards other than that (9 -4 etc) so just wait and see, CALL if something improves.

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FOCUS is one of the most important factors of all online gambling. Try to reduce as much as possible anything that can interfere with your attention or concentration, such as chatting, watching TV, eating, reading articles, and other activities. Even if you are a professional player, it will be difficult to win if you don’t focus on the game. Create a calm and comfortable atmosphere before playing.

It is possible that the first three cards you get are not kyu but are still worth fighting for. For example, you get a 4-0, 3-0, 3-2 card. Thus, you can expect the following cards to be 4 for a 97-card combination or 5 cards for a 98-card combination.


The card with the greatest chance of appearing is a card totaling 6 cards, up to 4 cards. And the cards with the least chance of appearing are 1, 3 and 9, up to 2 cards. Meanwhile other cards have the ability to appear on average, representing up to 3 cards. If you are on a 4-0, 3-0, 3-2 hand and you ignore your opponent’s cards, there are still 2 cards with a total of 6 wins. The number of cards remaining there is (28-3) 25 cards. The possible card numbering is 6 = 4 =: 25.


Like other games of chance and money, Domino Online also relies on hockey and luck. So don’t push yourself if you don’t think you’re playing hockey. Try to rest and play tomorrow.


To get started, start with the smallest chart. After that, try moving to a bigger table. If you lose a table in a row, don’t force it, try changing the table. If you lose again at another table, it means your wind is really not good. Hurry and hurry before your chips run out. Try again tomorrow with the same pattern. All games of chance depend essentially on hockey.

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So many tips from me. do not hesitate anymore to choose a trusted site. DewiFortunaQQ is the perfect choice! Thank you for taking the time. Goodluck


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