• March 2, 2022

For a bettor who is new to online slot gambling, he definitely needs a guide. Starting from looking for a city as the right place to play, then the registration process to logging in.

Yes, now online betting is the most appropriate choice. Imagine, every bettor who does it will get a big advantage compared to playing land.


Maybe those of you who have visited this article are confused about what are the advantages of playing online gambling. Right? If you feel that way, then we will explain what are the advantages that you can get when playing online, as follows:

  • You as a bettor only need devices that can be connected, such as smartphones (ios, android), computers, laptops and so on. By playing slot88 online, you can do it anywhere and anytime.
  • The playing capital you need to play online is only tens to hundreds of thousands. It’s much different if you play on land which requires capital of up to hundreds of millions of rupiah to be able to enjoy it.
  • There are promos that can later be used as capital to play again. With this promo, you don’t have to worry about spending capital.

From the description above, of course, it illustrates how profitable playing online gambling is. But that’s not what we will discuss, here we will explain how to find the right city for the registration and login process. So stay tuned for our discussion.


Maybe for novice bettors like you, getting a bookie to your liking must be difficult. Yes, because you have no experience with online betting like slots.

But you are one of the lucky ones to have visited this article. So without further ado, we will explain the characteristics of what a trusted slot city in Indonesia has:

  • license pouch

The first characteristic is to have a license. Why? Because the existence of this license indicates that the dealer will not play with you as a member. The bookie has passed various tests from world gambling organizations, such as PAGCOR.

  • Professional service

As a beginner bettor, try to test how the services provided by the bookie you will choose. A trusted slot dealer will definitely serve every bettor professionally. Which will always be active for 24 hours without stopping to help all the difficulties faced by all members.

  • Affordable Deposit Offers

Offering an affordable deposit is the city’s most ideal feature for those of you who only have mediocre capital. Usually the minimum deposit offered is not hundreds of thousands or even millions of rupiah. So you can feel relieved because you can play online slot bets with only a small capital.

  • Easiest Payment Method

For the last part, usually trusted slot bookies will provide various payment methods or transactions. So you can’t just use a bank account to make deposits or withdrawals.

The characteristics that we have presented above will certainly help you in finding the city that suits your desires. So don’t let you miss some of these characteristics in choosing a place to bet later.


After discussing the characteristics of a trusted online slot bookie , then we will continue to guide you in the registration process. Don’t worry, the registration process is not as difficult as you might think. The most important thing is that you have prepared some important requirements, such as playing capital and personal data to register.

The following is a guide in the registration process and login via smartphone:

  1. First you need to visit the main website.
  2. Then, once you are on the main page of the website, just click on the register menu there.
  3. In this menu list, you must pay attention to the contents and make no mistake. Because it can prevent you from unwanted obstacles in the future.
  4. Once done, you can click the submit button to complete the registration.
  5. Don’t forget to confirm your registration with customer service so you can get an online slot account faster.

That’s a guide in the registration process. If you already have an account, you can login using the username and password you have received. Just enter your username and password into the login field. Later you will enter the game.

Until here our discussion. Hope it can help you all. Good luck!


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