• May 5, 2021

UNIQUE IN INDONESIAN POKER JUDI GAMES – Poker games can be said to be unique, the games are also unique, the rules are unique, the players are unique, even the history is unique. Before you play in Indonesian poker gambling, get to know the uniqueness of poker, the rules of poker on the table are offline. If there is a seasoned online bettor who has never played poker, don’t jump offline to the online table. Online poker is different from real poker. So you need to know the rules so you don’t make mistakes. Errors in offline can have something to do with online, therefore learn their uniqueness, so you don’t let your guard down.

  • Misappropriating
    Card errors are quite common in offline poker, but absent in online poker. Online is automatic, while offline is manual, human errors can occur. In Texas Hold’em rules, mistakes can mean that a player can receive more cards than he should. Or when you start dealing with the wrong players This also happens when the dealer hands over one of the first two cards during the transaction.

If something goes wrong, the dealer will pay attention. This will let the table know that one hand needs to be redistributed. The dealer collects all the cards, shuffles again and deals the cards. Simple.

  • Dead Line
    Sometimes players make mistakes with their cards. Unfortunately there is nothing the dealer can do. The cards in their hand are no longer valid, and they cannot play until the next hand is dealt. Even if the dealer accidentally takes a player card, the line is considered dead. Depending on the variation you play, you should know how many cards are dealt in poker, because if you have more or less cards, they can get a dead hand. Use a card protector if necessary. In some Indonesian poker gambling rooms there is a betting line, keep your card behind the line when you play the card in the hand. And, always keep your cards under tight control.
  • Misbehaving
    According to World Series of Poker (WSOP) rules, if you don’t act on your turn, that is, if you communicate what to do before you get a turn, then you will be forced to defend that decision. If you check, when it’s your turn, then you have to keep going, lest you won’t be able to pay or raise. But if any of the players who do not act decide to bet or increase the bet, then you will be relieved of the decision and you can take whatever you want. But don’t expect that miracle.

Two important things:

1. You give your rivals the opportunity to attack or retreat, if they know your intentions sooner.

2. The card in the hand will appear to be a bad hand and you may also be penalized.

  • Marked Cards
    This does not exist in online poker, marked cards are a problem in offline Indonesian poker gambling. Perhaps accidentally, a little crumb from the chocolate you ate could mark the ace of spades. Or by the way, there is a special ink marking some cards, it can be seen from special glasses. If the dealer sees a marked card, he must remove it from the game and notify the boss. The cards or the entire stack will be changed. It is the dealer’s responsibility to check the cards while holding them and the casino regularly changes decks to avoid getting marked cards. If a player finds cheating, the player is obliged to report it.
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