What is the Difference Between Online Slot Volatility and RTP

  • March 2, 2022

Casino places always provide slot machine games because without online slot games it feels incomplete. This classic casino game has been present in online gambling betting, presented in a special and modern way so that it is very fun when playing on a mobile platform or website. The types of slots available are also very complete, ranging from mega slots, progressive slots and jackpot slots so that players are comfortable choosing the slots they want.

No matter what type of slot game you choose, you have to look at the RTP & Volatility factor of the slot. Each provider has advantages and disadvantages.

Here are the differences between Online Slot Volatility and RTP:


In the age of slot machine gambling judi online decades ago, people often talked about vomiting machines. This machine is a factor about people choosing when they want to play, therefore when you want to choose the machine you will get a win. This is one of the factors we call RTP.

RTP is the ability to return the money that has been taken in the game from time to time to the player.

Usually RTP is written as a percentage, for example a slot with an RTP of 95 means that the slot will return Rp. 95.000,- for every Rp. 100.000,- re-enter the slot game.

That way the slot game provider who has an RTP of 95% will get a 5% profit for every bet that the slot player loses. This will be the basic benchmark for every provider to profit from every slot game they offer.

Therefore, many online slot game providers innovate to develop the latest types of online slot games, because it will make quite a long-term profit. Along with the growing interest in this type of gambling.

What you need to remember is that RTP is an approximate calculation, which means the losses you lose will not be refunded. Since the rate of return is determined by a random number generator, all money that has been put in/lost will be returned 95% to the player at random as well.

Slot Volatility

Volatility is the benchmark for slot games to give players a win. With different levels will affect how often you win in the game or how much you have to pay in the game. In general, online slot games are divided into three levels of volatility, namely: low, medium, and high. What are the advantages and disadvantages of these 3 levels?

  • Low Volatility Slots

Low variant slot games will provide a high chance of winning in every spin played will have a small chance of getting a big jackpot as well as a bonus. Even if you can’t get big wins, low volatility slots have the advantage of providing steady wins even with small payouts. This is what attracts players who don’t want to play aggressively. In addition, players will also not experience large losses so they can play longer and enjoy these online slot games.

  • Medium Volatility Slots

Online slot agent games with moderate volatility are the middle choice for players who want to play casually and expect big wins. Usually this type of slot game offers bonus features that players can buy if they want to try to get a big win. This feature is an expensive feature because it has to be paid 100 times more than the usual bet.
By purchasing the bonus feature, you will enter the bonus round and have the opportunity to win bets by multiplying up to 10,000 times.

  • High Volatility Slots

For aggressive players who dream of becoming a millionaire or billionaire, high volatility slot games are a great option to play. But you also have to be ready to accept the big risk of losing the bet. Due to high volatility slots have a high level of risk of losing too. Even so, the choice of this slot game has always been the largest and most favorite. Because players want to get big wins rather than playing casually and lingering. That’s where slots are known as gambling that gives hope to win big with enough capital.


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